Enemy Reign - Tormented To Oblivion (Own Label)

Death metal. Pure and Simple...
Release Date: 
14 May 2013 - 11:30pm

There's not much I can say about Enemy Reign's Tormented To Oblivion, aside from noting that it's some rather decent death metal without any pretences or delusions of grandeur. It's just good, solid death metal. No lace. No frills. Just metal.

All the tracks on here are from the previously unreleased Diametrically Opposed EP (with ex-vocalist Sherwood Webber) and Between Hell and Oblivion album (2012), all remixed and remastered for your listening pleasure. Not having heard the originals, I had nothing to compare it to, but I will say it's all done with a goodly level of style and skill - and if you love a spot of death metal (and who doesn't?) then you should find yourself moshing out uncontrollably to tracks such as Haunted, Forged From Suffering and Cidium, to name but three of the 15 songs. You might possibly get more into this if you're already a fan but regardless of whether you know these Denver gentlemen or not, this is an album of double kicks and guttural vocals; relentless and very, very catchy.

My understanding is that Stevie Boiser, who replaced Webber, has now departed and has been replaced with Ben Pitts, so it will interesting to see how Ben puts his stamp on these tracks in a live setting.