Farmers Market - Slav To The Rhythm (Division Records)

Freak Jazz Gypsy Prog Madness
Release Date: 
31 Jan 2013 - 12:30am

Norwegian freaksters Farmers Market had their 2008 masterpiece Surfin' USSR released through Mike Patton's Ipecac label, and we all know how much Mr P loves the fruity tunes. Now Farmers Market are back with Slav To The Rhythm, an album chock-full of freak-jazz and gypsy-folk ramblings that have as much to do with metal as Lady Gaga or Delta Goodrem. But wait! Don't turn away just yet...

Personally I think this is a brilliant, brilliant piece of work. OK, there isn't an over-drive pedal to be heard but if you're into music that roams about the place like an itinerant tinker then perhaps give this a whirl. Combining the usual suspects such as guitars, drums and bass with some lesser employed instruments such as kaval (a type of flute), gaida (bagpipes) and clarinet, this album of mainly instrumental tracks shows off the incredible talents of all concerned; Stian Carstensen, Trifon Trifonov, Nils-Olav Johansen, Jarle Vespestad and Finn Guttormsen take you on a gorgeous sojourn around eastern european gypsy folk, groovy jazz freak-outs and progressive synth wonderlands. Throw in some beautiful vocals occasionally and more obscure instruments that you can shake a stick at and you're in for a real treat (providing you're already braced for an album that isn't full of howling guitars and death-metal growls).

So what if this isn't a brain crushingly heavy album? I reckon if you like a bit of pagan or folk-based metal then you'll find something to love on here. It's also got enough synth to satisfy the prog fans among us too. So you like a bit of Zappa, eh? You'll probably find Slav right up your alley then. It's fruity fun for everyone.

Don't be a closed minded tit-box. Give it a go.