Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes (AFM Records)

The geek shall inherit the earth! Gama Bomb return with their fourth album, and it'll have you thrashing like a maniac.
Release Date: 
19 Apr 2013 (All day)

Northern Ireland's finest  thrash metal export Gama Bomb have added another string to their zombie slaying bows; their fourth album The Terror Tapes is an unrelenting 12 track how-to guide for classic thrash metal. Not a single second is wasted on build up, or mood setting, this album throws you into the rapid flowing waters of Gama Bomb's frantic, random, batshit crazy world. Zombies, Cannibals, drugs and the finest Beverly Hills Cop/Robocop crossover you'll ever know, everything this album boasts is pre-nineties metal, musically speaking, The Terror Tapes is Among The Living (Anthrax) on some super enhanced genetical steroid that could only exist in the kind of movies these guys must love.

Booming backing vocals from guitarist Domo Dixon and bassist Joe McGuigan define every song on the album, with their finest moments coming in Beverly Hills Robocop, Backwards Bible and We Started the Fire the same can be said for the vocalist and frontman Philly Byrne with his scat piece at the end of Backwards Bible. This album despite all odds never gets ahead of itself, because every single aspect is a flat out sprint to the finish, taking out everything in its path, The Terror Tapes is the 21st centuries thrash metal reawakening given a severe kick up the arse. Despite the bands lyrical themes being pretty similar since their inception, the reality is, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Gama Bomb have in the past been called 'the fun loving comical counterpart to Evile' but with this release Gama Bomb have put themselves in a world of their own. A horrific world, filled with flesh eating humans and zombies alike, but a world of their own nonetheless, where the only defense is the axe, sticks and screams of all things thrash metal.