Gorelust: Reign of Lunacy (PRC Music Reissue)

I understand the sentiment - That is about it.
Release Date: 
4 Dec 2012 (All day)

I can’t seem to pinpoint what they were trying to do…

First song (self titled track Gorelust) spouts some decent guitar work – however the first 1 minute and 47 seconds have just gutted what magic had just happened. It is what I would describe as the elevator music through your tour of hell; however the CD keeps skipping…  Sclerosed Brain Eater…. What? There is no focus it seems, and the members sound to be possessed by that bastard noise daemon. Perhaps I am being too crass – the album does hold several merits I suppose. One being its history; if all allegations are accurate regarding Cryptic Soul Productions and their wickedness in 1995 I can understand the sentiment behind the release however it has been almost eighteen years since then, many genres and trends have either caved in or conquered, and this release I believe is too intense for a genre that has been refined by the ages. During the release of ROL, Gorelust were still preconceived as an underground band – with that inevitable problem of visibility. They jumped on the brutal genre band wagon about twelve months too late to see their material actually making a mark on the fans. Reality took its toll on the band; several lineup changes and no budget to create a follow up; the band eventually dissipated.

It has its moments of clarity and builds momentum and during title track Reign of Lunacy it identifies that direction and that principle you look for in music, yet the feeling is short lived as you are bombarded with this intense clutter that you do your best to make sense of, perhaps I have also been too refined, maybe it is time to look back at that nostalgic period, get dirty and not give a fuck about groove…. Nope, no, no, NO! For all that is pure I just can’t do it, I like it spotless, swift and precise. The only people who it may just scrape in with? Fans of old Suffocation and even older Monstrosity

It has been the word around the traps that Gorelust are reforming for a sequel to the Reign of Lunacy album rereleased late 2012. However it was also stated by members that they will not be a touring band. With the craze of death metal sweeping French Canadian enthusiasts in 1995, a lot has swept over since and with these past two decades of paved wisdom, defeat and success in death metal, let’s see after nearing a twenty year hiatus what the band now have to offer.