GRiMMoRTaL -- Execrating Normality (Frameshift Initiatives)

India's new wave of extreme metal personified in this deathcore outfit's debut album Execrating Normality.
Release Date: 
30 Mar 2013 (All day)

This album has an opener that packs quite the proverbial punch. Fast paced and heavy, Resistance sets the bar for Indian NWoEM newbies GRiMMoRTaL. An album that picks you up, throws you around against the walls then does it all over again, this cacophony of sound proves to be an homage to a variety of different genres. However the attempted transition between different genres in a single song leaves a bitter aftertaste. Typical of the deathcore sound that dominates this band, there is an abuse of pig squeals and sub-par break downs.

Execrating Normality is not without its charm though with a great opener, the album picks back up with Why So Emo? a track that gives a major nod in the direction of Amon Amarth, until the breakdown, which though slightly more technical, doesn't really have the build up to prove effective. This track suffers from lasting too long, needlessly adding another breakdown, after a night of seeing this band, fans arms are sure to be sore. 

Technical, talented and seemingly more mature, one can see where the latest material is in this album. Pantomime, Fatality and Refrag prove to be the big hitters along with the opener, hooks that work, a killer collaborative sound, a real break from the tedium of Abomination and Tormented and a  true testament to the Indian metal scene. GRiMMoRTaL's latest material is their finest and could easily hold it's own against other modern deathcore artists. Execrating Normality overcompensates, but soon enough corrects itself.