Hebosagil – Lähtö (Ektro)

Multirhythm mayhem from Finland.
Release Date: 
17 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Always in the vanguard of crazy music, the Finns didn’t lose time and invented Hebosagil. 

This band is utterly crazy, they merge old and new , a scent from Finnish Hardcore, with American post-hardcore, with lots of heaviness borrowed from thrash, the distortion of math metal and the breaks of death metal. It’s a festival on how to go beyond time by going back in time. Walking to and fro, waxing and waning between rhythms... these lads have created an unflinching base with their crazy creations. 

…. That is, even when the comprehension escapes you, it’s still very, very pleasant to hear them boys making their noise. 

Even sounding isomorphic to the countless other bands, if one observes closely, it’s clear they aren’t a copy… of anybody.

No references can define their work.

But a sound like a Padot is a perfect example of their craziness. At first glance you won’t realize anything abnormal, a syncopated drum here, a rap-like vocal there (modern? Yes), and at the next turn you’ll be in front of a kind of a technical death/thrash band a la Pestilence or Sadus… Suffice to say that the aforementioned bands resemble nothing of the new metal. How do they do that? By a strange sense on how to sound seamless, on unconsciously perception on how to mix influences, not just to sound cool, but it’s something that is in their nature.

Hebosagil is a band as strange as their name and that will leave people in awe and that’s for sure. They have my vote.