Hopeajärvi – Hopeajärvi (Ektro)

Can someone explain to me what a post-post-punk is?

Exactly dudes, these weirdos from Finland declare to be the post of the post punk, and I have no idea what the heck this means. As you put the precious CD to spin, you’ll get even more confused, because you don’t know how to classify them. Punk they are not, although you may consider something like “melodic hardcore” a punk rock style. 

As one tries to investigate the press release, they say they dance symmetrically and asymmetrically as they do their sound (or did I misunderstand it? Probably!). They say people when get their brains educated to their sound they will do the same thing whatever this means.

So the last clue left is the sound itself, which is what is really important to us.

That’s right, they walk on the verge of punk, but as post-punk is so 1980’s they decide to modernise things (now some pieces of the puzzle are making sense).

Yet, they do that kind of pop punk that won’t appeal to more radical rockers like me as the sound hasn’t rung any bells and probably isn’t going to. 

There's some danceable rock here, some high-pitched vocals there, no earworms whatsoever. Not good, not bad. They are competent in what they do, but if you’re looking for something seminal for any future style of metal-punk, heavy metal or even hardcore, this release will let you down. 

If you’re looking just for rock n roll and don’t have any issues, complexes or radicalisms, Hopeajärvi will do the trick. After all, nobody can blame a man for new experiences. 


Hopeajärvi  is out now on Ektro