Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita (Dark Descent Records)

The ordinary is extraordinary.
Release Date: 
25 Jun 2013 - 12:30pm

Imprecation, a traditional band from US, never was the band which revolutionized the death metal style in the world, and their sound is not greater than important bands of the style.

But their honesty with their own way to make death metal is stirring to say at least. This is pure devotion to death metal.

Look at the cover made by Chris Moyen and you have the idea the guys of Imprecation are in for the kill.

This album in particular remembers a lot a mix of US bands (Cianide, old Incantation) and Brazilian bands such as Headhunter D.C.  and the buried and forgotten Flesh Temptation. 

Blood Dominion, From Beyond the Fiery Temple and Hosanna Ex Inferis, the first three tracks of Satanae Tenebris Infinita defines the whole opus: mid-paced to eventually fast drumming here and there, macabre riffage in the best Sinister/Autopsy/Acheron way, vocals uttering pure blasphemy from the guts of hell. Competence and loyalty for the death metal style is what keeps Imprecation in the game and that is enough to convince me that these guys are no dummies. 

Rancid Blood on Blackened Thorns is the most putrid and loathsome sample of how old schoolers have to act just in case. Blasphemous chants and conjuration, a whole hocus-pocus of black magic in front of the black/death background. 

Of the Black Earth is slower like a horde of satanic zombies toddling in abandoned cities. Still the noxious fumes of the malediction are felt everywhere, dismantling those who dare to stay in Imprecation's way.

No, it’s not original by any means, but at least it will entertain those who don’t seek for sleekness. Imprecation is a great name of American Death Metal.