Istengoat – MMXII (Blood Harvest)

Chilean metallic black death attack with style!
Release Date: 
30 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

Following the vein of Grand Belial’s Key and Arghoslent, this Chilean band called Istengoat makes a perfect form of death/black metal in the best American Way.

The first song is an epic; although clocking in only at 5 minutes it has lots of passages and drum fills and the riffs are so grandiloquent (for this style) that they will be soon recognizable by the most brutal and exigent extreme metal musos out there. The solo is also very good, nothing technical, forget that, but of course following the Brazilian school of Sarcófago and Sextrash. The production is on spot and all the instruments are audible, giving nothing to complain about here.

Second song Avatara brings more death/thrash riffs to the forefront, which, when mixed with their usual black metal persuasion and played with this much gusto will surely destroy souls around the globe - it’s impossible to not end up headbanging! Paying attention to every riff (which I insist, aren’t that tech, but are very well made) one cannot help but praise over again the Chilean Black/Death and the South American school that are little by little taking over the world again…

Nothing that different from the other two numbers, last song Shiqus Sho  appears with more old school tricks, this time around showing solos in the vein of old Morbid Angel.

The only flaw here is that this is an EP and nothing more can be said about that, but this is a promising band, with quality, without outstripping the borders of trueness. They have their own style, and that says lots about Istengoat: a band which is impossible to hear just one time, so lemme desecrate the holy trinity again!!!