iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing (Century Media)

All concerns are null and void...
Release Date: 
11 Aug 2013 - 11:30pm

Those mentalist folk of iwrestledabearonce are back with their third album Late For Nothing, and with a new singer no less. Original vocalist Krysta Cameron has ducked out to have a baby and Courtney LaPlante has stepped up to fill some huge Converse shoes. Has she met the challenge? Fekkin' right she has.

From the carnival-esque intro of Thunder Chunky (yes, fruity titles still abound), any lingering doubts are removed as soon as the fat, almost djentish riffage and howling starts. My word, this Courtney has a pair of lungs, and her vocals do not disappoint. Yep. It's definitely IWABO; absolutely fucking mental, spasmodic guitars and death roars/clean vocals nestled up together, all cosy and cubby. Clean section? Check. Electro flourishes? Check. IWABO are back in all their glory.

And yet there's something about Late For Nothing that's a tad different to previous offerings. There's still a touch of this and a touch of that (such as the whiff of metalcore on Letters to Stallone) to their tunes but it's as if a bit more structure has found its way into the compositions. IWABO still manage to dodge easy compartmentalising (I love the funkish bass and the guttural vocals and the almost angelic vocals on Letters), and this is most apparent on Snake Charmer with some dizzy runs on the guitar - enough to give you vertigo perhaps - yet the band still manages to balance the screaming madness with some catchy harmonies. It's not for the faint-hearted.

The apparent addition of added structure is clear on tunes like Boat Paddle and Firebees yet IWABO still manage to insert a jaunty section amid the destruction and the end of this one is just pure madness. Mind The Gap again highlights Courtney's beautiful voice, proving once again that she's not just a screamer. This is probably one of the most 'traditionally structured' songs on here; it's not overly heavy but the vocal lines are gorgeous. It's like a 'normal' song. Blimey...

As if as a reaction to the normality of the previous tune Carnage Asada shits on the carpet and goes totally nuts from the get-go but refusing to be labelled, it morphs into an angry jazz beast with throbbing bass and drums. It's got some sweet guitar soloing too. Musically The Map is like the sketch pad of the criminally insane; imagine a beautiffuly executed drawing of a horse that's been scrawled all over, the nib of the pencil carving the page into a torn mess. This is IWABO, no mistake.

That's a Horse Of A Different Color is both ethereal and djenty with electro stylings at the fore while I'd Buy That For A Dollar (a nod to Robocop, perhaps?) again delivers on the finger biting madness. There's something about the melody of the vocal line that just fits perfectly on here. The final two tracks Inside Job and It Don't Make Me No Nevermind finish the album in fine, fine style. A classy return for the band and a stunning debut with IWABO for Courtney. A monster-truck of an album, and sure to please old fans and new-comers alike.