Kingshifter - 26 Tons (Pavement Entertainment)

It's like Mastodon and Stonesour had a baby.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2013 (All day)

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and I’ve finally had the time in my busy life to sit down and listen to KingShifter’s newest album release, 26 Tons.  Now, between you and me, I have heard of the band name but not their actual songs so I don’t know what the hell to expect from these guys.  Also, a lot of my fellow music-loving friends told me mixed reviews about the album but personally, and if you excuse me—to put this shit bluntly,26 Tons is nothing but sludgey goodness from the beginning to the end. 

The first track Peace of Mind sounds like Mastodon and Stonesour had a baby.  The vocals sound very similar to Corey Taylor’s mixed with Mastodon’s signature heavy and distorted riffs that can get one’s blood pumping through their veins.  A signature track (and a favourite track of mine off of 26 Tons) that reminds me a bit of Drowning Pool’s song Step Up, is the fourth track called Dry Heave.  It is definitely the kind of song that you blast in your car to piss off the other drivers’ and drown out their shitty loud music. The vocals are angry and adrenaline-pumping.  The drums are fucking intense.  The song will crush and destroy you.  Well… at least figuratively. 

26 Tons is not even that angry in my opinion.  So if you want to groove it, 26 tons has that heavy groove sound you are looking for then!   Not to mention the album reminds me of the motorcycle and leather days where bikers would gather in a 50’s style restaurant and “get down and funky” to tracks like Downin’ Booze – Raisin’ Hell and Kingshifter Style

Another few personal favourites off of the album are Pitch Black Blues and Song from the SwampPitch Black Blues is personal and intimate and there is a bluesy-feel guitar solo, believe it or not, incorporated in the song—which is very refreshing and new to me.  Song from the Swamp is another groovy and riff-tastic (if that’s even a word!) song.  There is a bit of a breakdown thrown in there that made me bang my head while listening.

The album is not particularly the kind of sludge/stoner metal that I usually listen to because of the lyrics but this one has made an exception somewhere in there.  In conclusion, 26 Tons is a heavyass album to party to.  The rest of the tracks that I did not mention are for you to experience for yourself.  And yes, I am talking to you.

 Now I’m tempted to buy a six-pack and re-play the entire album all over again…