The Kolmas – Kolmas Testi (Ektro)

The minimal of minimal.
Release Date: 
31 May 2013 - 12:30pm

The Kolmas is a non-metal project from Finland comprising of one guy that makes electronic loopings.

Kolmas Testi is experimental to the bone, and although minimal (absolutely all the songs have the same beats or loops and may be or may not be a bung for the listener), the tracks vary from each other.

It’s a festival of weird sounds, that either can lead the listener to relaxation like in the 8-minute track Viisi Osa 5 or give him very tense sensations like in the track Optimum 8

The song Energia plays with with electronic high-pitched variations. 

But the best track is the utterly strange Viisi Osa 2 with more than two minutes with ONLY ONE DRUM BEATING. The guy behind of The Kolmas is a daredevil, indeed. Another similar track with the same approach is Viisi Osa 4 (yes even the song names are almost the same).

The track Automaattiajo sounds like some crazy video game track.

Robotin työalue is auspiciously inauspicious. 

There’s no much more to state about Kolmas Testi - that it’s repetitive and if you’re into electronic variations and crazy and experimental sounds it’ll totally get to you is about it. In no way is it a stubby short of a six-pack and I really dug it so If you have a very open mind, give it a burl. But if you’re metal as fuck, there’s Buckley’s chance you might get your kicks from this work.