Lacerated and Carbonized – The Core of Disruption (Mulligore Production)

Representing Brazilian brutal death metal...
Release Date: 
1 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

Originally released only in Brazil by Eternal Hatred Records in May, finally this gem of Brazilian death metal is gaining a proper international release via Mulligore.

Lacerated and Carbonized is not an exactly new band, dating as they do from 2007 when they released their very underground demo, but they achieved their audience with the EXCELLENT album Homicidal Rapture in 2011 which is said that bought new winds to the band with their expressive (and very IMPRESSIVE) brand of brutal death metal in the vein of a not-so-fast Devourment, instead, sounding like infernal hammerings and guttural throwing ups oozing from the speakers, this very first album was not what people used to call an “effort”. It is a right out classic!

So the expectations were right about the new album The Core of Disruption which indeed came out a little bit different. The production is more polished this time around, nevertheless maintaining the heaviness! But it’s clear from the first track LAC that they’ve became more technical and if is that a good thing and to the detriment of their first album it’s up to the listener to decide. All I knowis this - it’s good as fuck. 

The festival of intertwined brutality and technical skills continue in the next track Third World Slavery, with Blast beats corroding the eardrums with some thrash in the background a la Attomica, and boy, this is the epitome of radness, the best song IMO.

There’s even a song called Candelária Massacre, that talks about the massacre which occurred in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1993 when policemen opened fire against poor kids and beggars killing 8 of them. By the way the CD tells the tales of social failure behind the curtain of beauty of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Different to say the least. 

Call for Blood is another staple mixing brutality with some breakdowns. There’s even some samba in the background but nothing that derides the song and the work, it’s just a sparkle of sound to remember the thematic of the CD.

The Core of Disruption may not sound so brutal as Homicidal Rapture, but the progression in production and musicianship deserves kudos and this band is ready to conquer the European, American and Aussie shores, so be ready for the Brazilian destruction!