Lecherous Nocturne – Behold Almighty Doctrine (Unique Leader Records)

Lecherous Nocturne gives Nile and Cryptosy a run for their money
Release Date: 
19 Mar 2013 - 1:30pm

Hailing from South Carolina, Lecherous Nocturne is a brutal technical death metal band, and a freaking great one at that. But somehow, because of the injustices of this world, they aren’t between the great names of the style and I cannot answer it if someone asks why.

Behold Almighty Doctrine is packed into 28 minutes of brutal assault with some of the shortest phrases ever, and in everyone of them, they manage to change tempos, and the vocals may sound confusing to newcomers. This isn’t a release one might get at the first spin. No fucking way!

After the eerie intro, everything explodes into a brutal machinery of mass destruction, Ouroboros Chains (the track in question) is the epitome of the album, and their skills surpass that of the ordinary death metal bands out there. They are something very special to create that kind of intricacy. The vocals are orgasmic, and of course, they never rhyme, leaving little to no space for one to grasp into any part of music to hear or understand what is actually happening. 

And the obliteration continues in a succession of anthems of devastation with songs such as Bring the Void, Archeopteryx and Those Having Been Hidden Away until a prelude takes place showing a beautiful but menacing piece of classical music. It’s totally surreal! The piece stops and the next song Judgments and Curses comes ripping with the most insane drum beats one can manage, and guitars so insane that is hard to believe that humans are performing in this album. 

The other tracks follow suit such as Lesions From Vicious Plague, Caustic Vertigo and Creation Continuum, just to give place to the outro which is the very same as the intro. Everything stops as it had started.

The short songs (almost grindcore in structure) and the insane pace of Behold Almighty Doctrine delivers a sensation that we are hearing Reign In Blood for the first time - of course keeping the proportions. 

Lecherous Nocturne will conquest the hearts of those disturbed souls who seek for technical insanity. It’s just a matter of time to their name is figuring amongst the greatest ones. They deserve this chance!