Manthra Dei - Stone Face (Acid Cosmonaut)

Lovely Psychedelic Stoner Stuff...
Release Date: 
1 Nov 2013 - 12:30am

This comes almost an an antidote to the amount of black metal that I've been consuming lately and it quenches my thirst for some good old fashioned rambling madness. Opening with the title track Stone Face, it's all slinky drums and picked harmonics, and has an almost delicate ambient vibe to it with the repeated guitar runs conjuring images of trickling water. Think Ozric Tentacles, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd getting into bed together. It's lovely and the seething keyboards massage my weary mind into submission. Then it all gets a bit more forceful and morphs into a raunchy little number complete with electro bleeps and bloops. As I said; lovely...

Xolotl immediately steps up the pace with an assualt of Hammond organs, majestic like a mighty hawk, roaming about like early Pink Floyd. Suddenly it's become the soundtrack to a cop chase sequence (or whatever you want it to be a soundtrack to). I think these fellows have an effects board that's about 12 foot long and they're not afraid to use every one of them. Legendary Lamb has fuzzy, sliding guitars taking the intro over and the first (and only) vocals make an appearance. It's sexy funk and I'm feeling it, baby.

Urjammer is a rather splendid 5 minute church organ interlude (Ghost will be kicking themselves that they didn't pen this one) which leads into the 17 minute grand opus that is Blue Phantom; it's got delays and hammer-ons, more slide work, and again nods to Pink Floyd and a host of other masters of psychedelic wonderment. Blue Phantom launches into some freakishly sweet runs on the keys, all the while this is cut through with some big fat chords. Can it get any better? Oh yes, bung in some xylophone midway through and then get all middle easten on my freaky ass.

We finish with Stone Face (acoustic reprise) which is a delighful ending to a delightful album. The xylophone even pops up again to harmonise with the weaving acoustic guitar work. I think these Manthra Dei folk had a blast writing this and it comes across in every track. Give me more drugs and another listen. Now. NURSE!!!