Master – The Witchhunt (FDA Rekots)

The veterans are fucking back!
Release Date: 
27 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

After the excellent album The New Elite released last year, everybody thought that Paul Speckmann and his cohorts have no more fuel to burn. Of course, the detractors were, as always, wrong!

Better than even (and ever) before, The Witchhunt is a piece of exciting metal; the band keeps it simple, and by simple I’d say this is just death/thrash and no gimmicks because legends need no gimmicks. 

This is one of the most honest albums of the year. The self-titled opener is sick as fuck, throwing onto your face all the metal that Master has accumulated all these years. Direct, no frills, lots of blast beats, yet sounding like a punk version of old Autopsy or a grindcore version of Motorhead if you will. This is the real deal for those who seek beauty in simplicity. But not that kind of shabby simplicity, everything here is on the actual point and the production is second to none. It’s a slashing after slashing and this one will leave your head aching.

Plans of Hate has one of the best riffs of the album, never losing momentum, always destructive and the sui-generis of Mr. Speckmann of singing will not let his fans down. It’s phrase upon phrase, and the hate oozes from the speakers; the syncopated drums are used like flak against the enemy.

Another Suicide continues the binge of excellent riffages and earworms, it’s a great track it’s just not the best of the CD because there is another one called Remove the Claws where things start to sound really war-like. This is the epitome of the disc, with all the good elements Master has collected into one song. Pure death metal (with that old feeling of terror). A Perfect track.

The Witchhunt is even better than its predecessor and definitely will put Master in the Pantheon of the most adored death metal bands of all time!