Mortillery - Origin of Extinction (Napalm Records)

Mortillery are a Canadian thrash band with distinct punk overtones and Origin of Extinction is their second full length album. And it’s a cracker!
Release Date: 
21 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

The opening track on Origin of Extinction is called Battle March. It’s an instrumental number using a riff-heavy hook to let listeners know what this record is all about. It starts with an almost Sabbath vibe, before quickly motoring into something truly thrashy. But it and pretty much every track afterwards made me think of what Iron Maiden would have sounded like if they had joined forces with early Metallica and decided to make a punk-thrash record. With the addition of Cara McCutchen’s powerful and guttural vocals, Mortillery have found a sound that most certainly pays homage to early thrash and punk, but maintains a unique and vibrant sound all its own. I know I’m using a lot of comparisons to describe the sound of this album, but look at the amazing bands I’m using for those comparisons. It’s well-deserved.

Track 2, No Way Out, starts with a beautiful, melodic double guitar that builds into a powerful thrash riff and then McCutchen’s vocals burst through sealing exactly what makes this band special. McCutchen’s vocals require a special mention actually. The raw aggression that she manages to mix with full-throated melodic delivery is an outstanding example of vocal gymnastics.

The guitars are full and massive on every track and the solos reach true face-melter heights reminiscent of everything good about the NWoBHM. The drums are pounding and varied, without always relying on the double-kick machine gun to carry the bass. In fact, if anything is low in the mix, it’s the bass guitar. But that’s a tiny gripe, because the bass playing is superb.

High points for me include tracks 1 and 2 that I've already mentioned, track 3, Cease To Exist, track 4, Creature Possessor, track 5, Seen In Death… Yeah, you get it. This whole album is totally solid. There’s a reason people still love Iron Maiden, old Metallica, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Death Angel and all those others. It’s because they’re still freaking brilliant, even after all these years. Great music like that doesn’t age – it remains awesome. So when new bands come along and start to make records as good as those but over-written with their own unique stamp, you can’t help but sit up and take notice.

And if you weren’t paying attention in the first half of the album (you know, if you’re fucking dead or something) you’ll certainly take notice by track 8, F.O.A.D., which is potentially the new anthem of the age. It bloody should be.

There’s variety and intelligence throughout this record, in fact, throughout every track. Nothing here is filler, nothing is settling for good enough. This album is aggressive, heavy, melodic, screaming, driving and powerful from start to finish. I’m gushing a bit here, but that’s because this release hits all my buttons when it comes to the things I love about metal. I’ve found my (so far) album of the year.

Well done, Mortillery. Fucking well done.