Mothership - Mothership (Ripple Music)

Unashamedly vintage goodness...
Release Date: 
12 Feb 2013 - 12:30am

Do you like blues? Do you like rock? Do you like epic blues-based rock with huge guitar solos that blister the ears? In that case, Mothership may be what you're looking for. This three piece outfit from Dallas are looking back to the golden age of ZZ Top and other greats, doffing their caps in honour of the past masters - and they have that big, heavy rock/metal sound, perfectly demonstrated in the opening track Hallucination, an instrumental that starts off slow before speeding up the chunky riffs (all accompanied by surging cymbals and drum work) and slick solos in an Iron Maiden-esque fashion. Luvverly.

Tracks like Cosmic Rain remind me of a slightly cleaner Kyuss or Orange Goblin with lots of catchy hooks and nob-waggling solos - does it matter that Mothership's heads are in the 70's? I think not - they do it so well and with their own take on it. Even the slightly cheese-covered City Nights is a lovable tune with lyrics such as "Rock and roll is here to stay...", which gives you an idea of what you'll be in for if you succumb to Mothership's retro rocking out. This is one of those albums perfectly suited to slip on as you're getting ready for a party, with songs built for you to sing along to in a shameless (and possibly drunken) fashion. Angel of Death is another classic example of massive guitars weaving in and out of juicy drums and bass - you just can't help but bob along to the thick, chunky rhythms.

You'd think Win Or Lose would be the track to slow down with, and the delicate intro would have you believe this to be the case, but then the riffs kick in again with massive ringing chords. It's all familar yet without contempt and I imagine it would have been great fun to be in the studio when this was being recorded. Elenin and Eagle Soars are also great tunes and we finish the album with Lunar Master that starts out heavy but mid-way through changes pace to become a delicate piece of work. Gorgeous.

This is an album of stoner-bluesy-get-down-and-loosen-up rock, done in the old fashion way. Come on in and get involved (unless you're one of those 'too cool for school' twats, in which case you'll probably hate it).