Neuronspoiler - Emergence (Own Label)

By looking to the past, Neuronspoiler have secured themselves a bright future...
Release Date: 
9 Mar 2013 - 11:30pm

Heavy metal. However the form of music we love so much splinters into a thousand genres and sub genres, however much it twists and mutates, however much its original acolytes deem it to have moved away from its initial essence, there remains a form that is forever connected to that past, a form that stands true to the values established during the late seventies and early eighties. Those values, which found solid form in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and which formed the foundation for most of what has followed that’s flocked to the banner of heavy metal are solidly, gloriously upheld by Neuronspoiler with their new album, Emergence.

A thunderous thrillfest of gargantuan proportions, Emergence not only re-energises the heavy metal brand, it takes it to new heights and exciting conclusions. Built on a solid understanding of what makes this music so great, Emergence destroys the opposition over the course of an hour of anthemic, no holds barred musical brilliance. 

What made the greats of this genre, well, great, was the fact that, however hell bent for leather they may have been, no matter how prepared they were to die with their boots on for the cause, they still managed to write stonking great big songs, songs stonking, great and big enough to get into what used to be known as the hit parade on a weekly basis; It really doesn’t matter how proficient you are with an axe, or how well-oiled your vocal chords are, if you haven’t got the songs you’ve got nothing; luckily Neuronspoiler have songs by the bucketload. Songs like the insanely catchy Take the Stage or the band’s (at this point) piece de resistance, Invincible Man.

Invincible Man is a true clarion call back to the glory days of heavy metal. Built on a stentorian though insidiously catchy riff courtesy of the guitars of twin Daves del Cid and Shirman, the song soars thanks to an effortlessly commanding vocal from singer JR who takes an already memorable melody line and wrings every last drop of brilliance out of it, pounding the chorus into your brain until it’s all you’ll be able to bring to mind for days after hearing it. And they don’t stop there. Exempt from Privilege follows the same template, whilst Dying Worlds and first single Through Hell We March are more straightforward necksnappers, melding muscle and melody at death-defying speed and with oodles of panache and flair, not least from the uber-flexible rhythm duo of bassist Erick Tekilla and drummer Tim Barclay..

There are many, many bands treading the boards and trying their hands at this retro-stylin’ metal in 2013, and most of them have a fair bit going for them; but for now, none of them can quite match the scale of vision or the grandeur of execution of Neuronspoiler. The birth of a new genre Titan? It’s possibly too early to make such a grand claim, but Emergence is an incredibly strong release and Neuronspoiler, on this evidence, do have an incredibly bright future. If you love true metal, this is a must-have release.