New Device - Here We Stand (Southworld)

Nice, spritely modern metal from Sambora approved young hopefuls...
Release Date: 
6 May 2013 (All day)

Despite being in my mid twenties I don’t, by and large, have a lot of time for new music or bands. I don’t know why, but I’ve always preferred bands with a few more miles in their legs. I'm willing to make an exception, however, for up n’coming Brit rockers New Device who are here to wow us all with their second album, Here We Stand.

And what a spiritedly noisy bunch they are too. Blasting their way through eleven catchy-as-crabs nu-rock anthems with all the enthusiasm and fire you’d expect from a bunch of pups – with the aged bonus of a very mature ear for a song, a fact that will hold them in good stead as their career extends (hopefully) far beyond this effort.

Of course we all knew they had something special thanks to Richie Sambora and his ‘personal’ championing of the band. (Okay, he made sure they got a Bon Jovi support slot, that’s all, but it’s still pretty big wraps for a young band making their way in the world),  but those suspicions are masterfully confirmed by the likes of the semi-balladic Wreckage of Me and the rabble-rousing radio rocker Save Your Life which is quite simply one of the best songs I’ve heard all year, and then some. What New Device do well, perhaps better even than their close cousins like Heaven’s Basement and Motherload, is not to go to overboard on the heaviness. They are a metal band, just about, but their avoidance of anything even remotely approaching a death grunt – or even a Hetfield snarl, if we’re being honest – means that we can all concentrate on the melodies, which are many and glorious.

Still early days, then, but I for one think there’s a bloody big future for these lads – they’ve got the chops, they’ve got the songs, they’ve got a ‘look’ of sorts… they can’t fail – can they?