NunSlaughter - The Devil's Congeries Vol. 1 (Hells Headbangers Records)

NunSlaughter release the first in a series of compilations of their 7" releases.
Release Date: 
23 Jul 2013 (All day)

A band that can't be taken too seriously, with their graphic and embittered sound, NunSlaughter's lyrics could make even Varg Vikerness feel a little sympathetic towards Christianity. Being politically correct is hardly on the agenda of this long-lasting death metal act, and the release of this latest compilation allows for all to hear their church-hating proclamations. The first disc is purely studio, apparently, with the sound quality taking a massive hit, even on tracks that must have been live and edited, the sound can be faded and vacant. No that's not the squeal of tyres outside, it is in fact the opening scream to NunSlaughter (track 22.) and no that music you can hear isn't the neighbours, it's naturally that muted.

When the sound is actually audible and not some raw as fuck imitation, the album is pretty damn enjoyable, for any fan of death metal, The Fucking Witch definitely stands out amongst others, maybe because the lyrics aren't just something as generic as in Poisoned Priest; 'Where is your god now?' Wow, never heard a metal band ask that before...

This will be the band's 14th compilation album to date, anyone can agree that is a little excessive, even considering that this band favour the EP or the Split over the Full-Length album, it all seems a little too much. It used to be that the live album and the compilation were almost taboo for the rock/metal industry. Now these guys are clearly all about sinning, but this reeks a little more of dissipation than compilation.

Arguably the best thing this compilation has to offer is a booklet showing covers and pressing information which many fans may be interested in. So If you're into collecting what you already have into a more compact form, then The Devils Congeries Volume 1 is perfect, if not, you may well be better off just checking out the bands EP's and some of their even rarer full length albums.