October Tide – Tunnel of no Light (Pulverized)

The great melancholic tide.
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2013 - 12:30pm

October Tide is really in the forefront of the pack of Swedish doomish melancholic bands in the vein of Opeth and this time around they give us some complexity and musicianship that defies the mind.

Tunnel of no Light, their fourth full-length is here to cement the name of this great act of the Swedish and European scenes!

Although the songs are always maintaining the same tempos (they may not actually be the very same tempos but that’s the impression you get) the songs are really progressive with strata of complex riffs and drum fills and despite the fact that I found the entire album difficult to listen to, it doesn’t mean that is not that good… The songs contain a great scheme where the originality is the norm as they keep their Opeth-esque infrastructure. 

For example the song Our Constellation contains one of the most intriguing structures that I’ve heard this year so far, with various changes of phrases and guttural vocalizations (there’s no clean singing here) and the grandiosity will be hard for some people to get. I love the drum fills that keep the slow to mid pace, never getting faster, and always inundating the atmosphere with sadness and cloudy skies… This song is perfect to hear on a sad autumn day…

The catchiest refrain though, is in the next song called Emptiness Fulfilled, and if you really want to know what this album has to offer, this is the main theme that will summarize the whole serene emptiness that this band is able to transfer to the listener… and although it's the serenity of desolation and delicacy of sadness, that don’t mean that the sound isn’t heavy. On the contrary, this song (and the whole album) has a scent of death metal imbued in it, but maybe the excellent production and musicianship are the things that show the real message behind this album.

Tunnel of no Light has a total of 8 songs, always going deeper into the listener mind and painting a picture of a grey landscape to people who dare to enter into their world of melancholy and tragedy… It’s beautiful…