Pest – The Crowning Horror (Agonia)

The highly anticipated album from Pest is finally here!
Release Date: 
16 Jun 2013 - 12:30pm

Pest from Sweden (not to be confused with the other defunct cult act also called Pest from Finland) is back after 5 years with a brand new album showcasing that mix of black and thrash metal so peculiar to Scandinavians.

This is pure potency in satanic form, the occult ritual of metal, the exact part in which metal never should be dismantled into different forms and persuasions. 

The opus contains 10 tracks and won’t let you, the old-schooler, down. 

From the fastest tracks like A Face Qbscured By Death to a more slow paced approach of The Abomination of the God, everything here is a delight for the eardrums. 

Pure, simple and in the face, with excellent riffs, but without legerdemains, the leitmotif here is Satan and metal, apart of that, Metal and Satan (order may vary).

But there is a curious fact about this album, apart of being mixed by the famous Fred Estby (ex-Dismember) it was mastered by Andy Jackson in England who was a Pink Floyd Engineer  in their last two albums A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell.

The riffs are harsh and fans of Nifelheim and Bestial Mockery like me won’t complain, for it’s evilness times seven. A perfect example of this is the track Demon where even some pure heavy metal riffs are added to give a more “metal” impression.

The title track is pure binge, and matey, I can’t write and bang at the same time, so lemme headbang, I’ll be back in one minute… Done, sorry.

This album will be released in vinyl as well so run and get your die-hard copy of this first-class release, that is indicated ONLY for real headbangers and defenders of the faith worldwide.