Ranger – Knights of Darkness (Ektro)

The Finnish response to the old school wave of 1980’s metal
Release Date: 
6 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

Old metal never gets old and that’s a fact. The older the better, and the guys from Ranger know it. This new EP of theirs, Knights of Darkness, is a living proof that time CAN go back and gangs of headbangers can unite in the streets of Europe or Elsewhere to beat the shit out of the poseurs.

This 1980’s speed metal spirit, a genuine crossover between classic metal and thrash metal appears in the first track, where shards of At War and Savage Grace join forces with something even more vile, like Razor, and delivers lashings of brutal metal to the elders.

Second song evokes all the fury of Kreator’s Flag of Hate. Called Touch of Death, it showcases the German school this time around with bits of Living Death and Iron Angel!!!!!!

Steel Dawn, the third track continues the 1980’s binge, bringing more speed metal like Acid and Cyclone to the forefront; this band is just too perfect to be true.

Some will call them just a pantomime, but man, what a pantomime… the soloing in this song is totally “hair-metal” (don’t get me wrong, no cock rock available here, sorry) although it has BIG TINGES of Iron Maiden, in its simplicity. It seems that we are watching one of those movies made to profit on the heavy metal scene in 1980’s and that now are cults like Trick or Treat

Of course the screams of the guy are all in falsetto, and these add more fun to the disc.

The last track, self titled is more “heavy metal”, hence is more war-like, making putting my own fists in the air like a Manowar fan. It has a kind of Attacker/Vicious Rumours vibe into it that won’t let the old schoolers down. 

This is the material for those who REALLY lived that Belle Epoch of the Pure Heavy Metal Commando. Kids won’t get it. Offer them the new Trivium instead. They will be happy. Keep this gem for yourself, oh sage elder man from the days of yore…