Snakes Get Bad Press - Residues (Art As Catharsis)

Why does the music cut me so?
Release Date: 
19 Sep 2013 - 11:30pm

Snakes Get Bad Press show that Australian music is in fine form - forget all that reality Idol/X-Factor shite - the stuff that matters; the decent music, the interesting stuff; that will always exist, is kicking around the fringes, just doing its own thing yet happy to have you along for the ride. The Residues EP is all over the shop; one moment it's punky then it gets a tad groovish but throughout it maintains a sonic hallmark such as a bag of spanners being thrown down a flight of stairs. I mean that in a good way too.

It kicks off with Cower which brought to mind a punky Dillinger Escape Plan. It's all aggro (particularly so at 7:00am) yet it's got a warmth to it, perhaps the cosy glow of integrity? Anyways, after a mad spaz out it slows down for the last minute, showing that Snakes can be restrained when they want to be. Dead Horses then breaks that promise with its sweet, sweet drumming. This is surely one to fling yourself about to in a sweaty night-club, off your tits on cheap speed. Maybe. It's got waves and waves of guitar that stack up and threaten to crowd you into a corner - and again - suddenly the track seems to switch direction  , becoming almost (no, I won't say 'poppish') another thing entirely. A bit of bass stabs through but the tortured vocals are still there. It's bloody, bloody good and my heart's cockles are well and truly warmed.

I was going to say that No Secret was my favourite track with its punkish, disjointed vibe. It has a rising hideousness (again, in a good way) but you can't look away - I don't know who is doing what but I'm fookin' loving it, however I do know that Snakes is composed of members from Totally Unicorn, Slowly Building Weapons, Jackals and Nobody Knew They Were Robots. Get involved, people...

First World Leech has a change of pace, a slow tune juxtaposed with the screamed vocals; it's a weird yet beautiful combination, reminiscent of something The Chariot would come up with. The track grows yet retains the harsh and beautiful vibe. Is this my favourite track?

Last track Knuckle Dragger (is this my favourite track?) is back to that Dillinger-esque vibe, all jumpy and twitchy. It's a strong track to finish on, slipping into a quiet section before going all nutty again; it's like Crouching Psycho, Hidden Meat Cleaver. Or something.

As I say, decent Australian music is alive and well, and you can get a slice for a mere $7 at