Spirits of The Dead - Rumours of a Presence (The End Records)

The Norwegian quartet return with their third album.
Release Date: 
9 Dec 2013 (All day)

Spirits of the Dead's latest album Rumours of a Presence is an autonomous statement of modern psychedelia, with meticulous production and thought crafting every second.

Anxious, ambient and awesome, Rumours of a Presence is a ghostly venture into the unknown with it's sinuous progression from each track, owed entirely to the incredibly tight composition this band has honed together.

The album presents itself with a sludgy, psychedelic sound on the surface, and with each listen and each track, the albums depth and complexity grows. Not a second or sound wave is wasted with each instrument perfectly balanced with the vocalist. Providing the minimalistic nature that creates the albums ethereal sound.

The album maintains a relaxed pace, which only steps up really for Golden Sun and Red Death. At it's nest the album is temperate and hypnotic, as with the beautiful penultimate track Seaweed. 

Steadily floating it's listener into a serene ocean and then taking it through a beautifully vivid journey, Seaweed is the album's most beautiful track and is like a modern day Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath) before the album bows out triumphantly to the mighty Oceanus which reminds the listener in one song, everything great about this album, with it's haunting groove and psychedelic strength, it puts the sort of twist on psychedelic rock that only Norway could.

Steady pace plays host to a variety of sound not all expected, but all incredibly effective. The fractured, Arabian style solo during Rumours of a New Presence can even seem to have an 8-bit quality, but combining all these different factors together somehow creates an unburdened sound and atmosphere.

Rumours of a Presence is an album as hauntingly beautiful as the bands namesake and proves that these Norwegians have cemented their place in the rock/metal music scene with another stellar album.

Rumours of a Presence will be available in the UK December 9th