Suidakra - Eternal Defiance (AFM Records)

If you've ever wondered, where are the tributes to Welsh mythology? Look no further, as Suidakra's Eternal Defiance depicts 'The Dream of Macsen Wledig' apparently...
Release Date: 
4 Jun 2013 (All day)

Suidakra maintain their sound with no real progression with their new release Eternal Defiance. The album starts with an unrelenting, no holds barred set of marching anthems, the musicians set up alongside each other, complimenting one another perfectly, which is the least you would expect from the nearly twenty year old band, however even with a powerful orchestral backdrop, the sound can be seriously lacking in depth, even with all the layers of talent, there seems to be a lack of risk in the production; much of this album's song-writing is predictable and altogether typical. Powerful anthems are amplified through the vocals of Tina Stabel, who often provides the finest parts of this album, which lacks consistency, whilst Beneath The Red Eagle may prove to be a favourite for live shows, its nothing new, just something that's sort of effective, 

The anomalous nature of The Mindsong in amongst the hectic soloing of its predecessor is a Blind Guardian-esque anthem, and actually culminates in a well worked harmony between Stabel's powerful vocals alongside the gentle acoustics and piano, it's powerful imagery creates a powerful bardic tale, no doubt related to the afore mentioned Welsh myth, beautiful in it's own right, this butterfly is then stomped on by the frantic opening to Rage for Revenge. Contrasting entirely, but just as good, the death and folk influence returns prominently, it doesn't fuck about, followed promptly by Dragon's Head the album finally begins to show the years of experience behind it, with some decent haunting mixes, and a tidy breakdown partnered again by fine acoustics, Dragon's Head is everything right about this album - a kind of heavy, skillfull, spins you round then sits you down and melodic as you like anthem. 

The albums conclusion fixes all the problems before, the depth finally arrives and you're forced to plunge in, still playing it very safe, but suddenly very willing to boast of their experience, Suidakra are taking you on a journey once again, through the delicious melodies and stellar soloing you'll find yourself lost in tales caught somewhere between fantasy and history, but who the hell is complaining?

Far from perfect, but with haunting beauty and slamming substance, Suidakra's Eternal Defiance is another notch in the fretboards of these German Folk Metal heavy-weights.