Svart Crown – Profane (Listenable)

And the French Death/Black attack thrives on...
Release Date: 
21 May 2013 - 12:30pm

I confess I’m the type of guy who judges the album by its cover. The artwork of Profane, the third attack of the French maniacs of Svart Crown, is one of the best of the year. It truly brings to the forefront the meaning of the word “diabolic”.

And diabolic they are. I say even more, they shouldn’t be called simply death/black metal, which infers they are another one of countless good bands of the style that hails from Europe. They should be called diabolic metal, for what they do is beyond the imaginative boundaries of aggressiveness and brutal devastation in the meanest possible way!!!!

Containing 10 tracks of devastating death metal weaponry, filled with incredible blast beats and driven by groovy guitars with a scent (I mean, a STINK) of bestial black metal this band gets the best of the worlds between the new and old schools of massive metal onslaught.

Imagine if Behemoth contained the powerful destruction of Nile, mixed with heavy influences from Krisiun, distilled in the toxic waters of Suffocation with the satanic attack of Arkhon Infaustus. 

It’s a festival of intelligent rifferama, with disgraceful slow parts mixed with the fastest phrases of modern death metal. More so, they even put some melody into sound to enable the listener to be pulverized into ashes, only to be reborn to suffer again. 

There’s no dull moment in Profane, there’s no shelter for boredom and there’s no second chance to like this band. 

That’s why I won’t commit the crime of indicating a single track as 'best' because it’ll be stupid. One must take Profane as it comes, one must accept that his life is going to end in a terrible and painful way and that this album is the only way to enter into the eternal inferno.  You’ll not be remitted by “god” himself, as it’s a crime against religion to like this band. I, myself, am on the train to the burning lakes of hell. Won’t you come with me? Listen to this CD and wait for Svart Crown to devastate Aussie shores in the near future.