Tormented – Death Awaits (Listenable Records)

Old is Gold.
Release Date: 
7 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Tormented started out in 2008 with a record called Rotten Death which was praised in underground magazines as they state in their press release.

The matter of fact is that this good Swedish band does deserve kudos, for they make death metal with pleasure and uncompromising energy.

Of course as being Swedish they resemble a lot of the work of Entombed and Dismember, and not long ago I kinda panned a Polish band for acting in the same way, so what’s the difference now? Tormented naturally does it and it seems unconscious, so let’s say they give 50% of their spoils of war for their inspirers and the other 50% to their own creativity.

The songs are really good as in the second track Blood Orgy, with hardcore-like beats and riffs in the best Swedish way; It's so old school it hurts, with the rhymed vocals evoking the days of old when death metal wasn’t a dispute to see who was the most technical/fastest band on earth. Still the rottenness of this album is really stinky and the quality is top-notch.

The third track called I.O.T.D. rules it all!!!! The song is an instant headbanging tune, metal to the bone, rad as fuck  with a stanza, bridge and the singalong chorus: INCANTATIONS.. OF... THE… DEAD!!!! Listen to this song, dislike it, you are FUCKING DEAD! It's only for headbangers and die-hards!

But it’s really impossible to not like the track Funeral Fire which resembles Slayer’s Chemical Warfare, and in the wake of Jeff Hanneman’s death, this thought is instantaneous. (I’m writing this review on the day after his death). Of course, they recorded this song BEFORE it, but just for resounding Slayer this song rocks it all!

There are other good tracks on Death Awaits but I shall leave it to you to hear and delight yourself with their death metal radness. This is an album that if won’t change the history of metal, at least it gives lots of fun for the listener. Long live Tormented!