Tsjuder - Desert Northern Hell (Season of Mist)

A black metal classic...
Release Date: 
15 Feb 2013 - 12:30am

So what if this is a re-release from 2004? It's no wonder Season of Mist decided to let it loose on the public once again; it's a classic black metal album, and here's no mucking about with any of that avant-garde, progressive or experimental black metal on here; it's just traditional black metal all the way.

Tsjuder's Desert Northern Hell launches straight into it with the opener Malignant Coronation, and despite being nine years old, this stuff just doesn't date. The guitars are fast and the vocals are flung forth through a filter of broken glass and splintered crucifixes. I seriously thought Satan himself was going to burst out of the speakers; it's that black and that heavy. You'd think it couldn't get any better but then Ghoul kicks in and befouls your ears with a tempo that is pure insanity - you have to hear it to believe it. Regardless of Tsjuder's constant line-up changes, you've got to give it to them - they are masters of the black metal composition.

Despite playing at ridiculous speeds, they also know when to slow it down to a slow chug for maximum effect. I love how the intro for Lord of Swords starts slow yet almost immediately goes mental. It's like standing in a shower of carving knives and chisels.The drums on Unholy Paragon are battered beyond belief with riffs that are almost desparate in their attempts to go beyond the speed capabilities of human hands, and Morbid Lust? Oh. My. Word. Utter, utter madness (in the best possible way).

Other bonuses on this re-release are the additional live tracks; Primeval Fear, Daemons Journey, Beyond the Grave and The Gate of Nanna. OK - so they sound like they were recorded in a shoe-box but that's part of their charm. Get this. Stick it on the stereo. Worship Satan.