Ulcer – Grant us Death (Pulverised Records)

Polish band pays tribute to a famous Swedish band: Guess who?
Release Date: 
19 Feb 2013 - 1:30pm

The Polish band Ulcer presents us its sophomore release of pure death metal. But it’s funny to hear a band from a country which has a strong tradition in the death metal camp like Poland paying tribute to a band from Sweden…

Of course it’s not any band, the act in question is the GREATEST - Entombed and from second one of this release, if this CD doesn’t ring any bells, it means that you’re a newcomer to death metal. 

I’m fighting myself to not use the word “imitation” but it’s what they are. Every riff, every song, reeks of Entombed mainly from their two first albums: Left Hand Path and Clandestine, and while it was a wise choice to choose one of the best bands in history of death metal to copycat (because, it’s impossible to not like that) on the other hand I’m here questioning, what’s the point?

For the fans (of Entombed of course and not Ulcer) it is great, but once you have the original in your hands the imitators are forgotten. 

There’s no doubt that their skills as musicians are second to none, the production is great, everything is perfect (I particularly love the artwork – painted by Bartek Kurzok (Abigail, Demonic Slaughter, Goat Tyrant, etc)), but I’m not questioning the originality in death metal (since it’s very difficult to be original anyway). I’m questioning how these guys feel to have no identity whatsoever. 

It’s like a cover band: the people are there not because you are cool, but because the band you are imitating is cool, you’re not you anymore.

The strong point in this album is that it is fun as fuck, and their resemblance with the original band will give Ulcer a quick word of mouth propaganda. But once the brouhaha is dead, Grant us Death will be rapidly forgotten and covered by the dust of time.

My point is that they should try their hand in something other than that, because they are a great band. I hope they get another direction for their own good. For the time being, I’ll hear this CD a couple of times, have my share of the ENTOMBED binge that they are offering and then jump to something else.