Verminous - The Curse of the Antichrist 7" EP – (Blood Harvest)

Swedish to the gore.
Release Date: 
9 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm

Verminous is a band that dates back to 2003, and by the end of that same year they’d released an EP and an album. The band suffered a hiatus of a decade then, coming back in 2013 with the album The Unholy Communion, but repeating what they did ten years ago, they thought the time was ripe for another EP and this is fucking ace!

The cover pays tribute to Sepultura’s Beneath the Remains (just take notice in the disposition of the types The Curse of the Antichrist and compare to the Sepultura’s classic album)

Unfortunately this EP has only three songs.

First of all is the title-track, in the fast death metal vein of old Entombed/Dismember/Hypocrisy… But it’s natural coming from that country and they even put some creativity into this formula, so this disc is enough for you to get your copy. The drum fills are really well made, and the riffs are really exciting. Pure REAL death metal. No tricks here, no overdubs (you know what I mean, pro-tools hehehe).

The Second track is a fun version of Nuclear Assault's Hang the Pope. Hilarious to say at least.

Final track is the Swedish classic Revel in Flesh, a Nihilist cover later to become known worldwide as the third track of Left hand Path by Entombed.

All in all this is fun for those who like quickies… Get it and have a good time!


The Curse of the Antichrist is out now on Blood Harvest