Vex – Memorious (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Texas outfit with a Germanic sound.
Release Date: 
1 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

I’m quite used to hearing European bands with an American sound, but never the other way around. 

Vex hails from San Marcos, Texas, and they say they practice a death metal sound blended with thrash metal. Funny thing is that what I hear in this CD is far from this truth. 

If you blindly listen to this band without knowing their original location you’d swear that this act is comprised of German dudes, such is the European sound that’s the blueprint of their music: medieval and melodic black death metal with hints of Suidakra, varying from mid-paced songs to unbridled black metal onslaughts. 

The vocals are really good although somewhat bogged down in the back of the mix, but judging it with regardful ears, it’s something that was desired by the band, or so I believe. 

10 songs with some intermezzos, and the predominant melodic sound varies without losing an iota of its cadre.

But this kind of configuration has its pros and cons: all the songs sound like they are jailed in a place from where they cannot escape. On the other hand, it’s a sure fire kind of sound, where you exactly receive what you’re expecting. 

Such behaviour creates no highlights throughout the album, but, of course, nonconformity is my middle name and I did find one: the penultimate track Those Days are Gone with its 6 minute length, there's creativity enough to keep the listener entertained for its duration. As in the rest of the CD the drums are very organic, and the solos are somewhat cosmic and the vocals mix the harsh black metal approach and some guttural innuendos. 

Last song called A Drinking Song, follows on the same formula and it delivers. 

If you’re keen to death and black of the melodic genealogy, you can’t lose with this release. 


Memorious  is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions