Viisikko - IIII (Svart Records)

A blitzkrieg attack of Stoner Hardcore from Finland.
Release Date: 
18 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

This band is really weird. This is only their second album and they seem to have achieved a cult following (at least inside there own country). The name of the vinyl is IIII and I thought it had something to do with the number of releases, but wait, I’ve just said this is their second full-length and the previous one released in 2009 is called IIIII. Confused? Yes so am I, even when they sing in their native language, have a ludicrous cover and dare to mix sludge and stoner with Finn hardcore. 

What’s odd is that some songs like Sekopäinen Jätkä or the opener Mari Huonona (which is only 42 seconds in length) are pure invitations to the mosh pit, while on the B-side of the vinyl they seem to change themselves completely.

The songs are lengthier, heavier, and not so fast. In fact they sound very modern despite that proto-hardcore from yore, now sounding like a punky Black Sabbath. The songs are still energetic, but in a totally different way. Oh wait: here comes Palavaa Ainetta with its almost grindcore approach (the best and craziest song of the album).

The last two songs are not as fun as this one because they return to their not-so-fast formula (the riffs of Kyllikin Luo are reminiscent of AnthraxBe all, End all, but again more punk and less metal)

The very fact that this album comprises 8 songs packed in 26 minutes sounds confusing enough and although the absolute simplicity of the production, the crossover in such a short span of time sounds like a blitzkrieg. 

Simple songs, simple riffs, different styles = originality . The style of this album is something previously unheard of. That should explain why they are taking over some fans by total war.