Vorna - Ajastaika – (Inverse Records)

True, melodic folk.
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2013 - 12:30pm

Vorna was formed back in 2008, but just now they are releasing their excellent debut Ajastaika. Allying the melodic folk heritage of Finland with black metal they manage to create a decent and earworm-rich opus. 

For example, on the track Hiiden Taival, without using typical instruments that should easily put the band in the folk path, they use and abuse keyboards, creating a balance between the two styles. It’s like if Battlelore had encountered Eisiferum at some point and then got crossed with Suidakra in-between

The songs are really long and will satisfy the quench needs of those who are seeking new shores in this style. 

Lehväin Varjoon has a more classic heavy metal style; Although epic of course it isn't bad in comparison to bands like Turisas and (why not?), say Falkenbach. 

Kuolevan Maan Kulkija once again brings that Suidakra approach with some Månegarm also in the concoction. 

Of course these influences are just nominal and serve only the purpose of giving an idea of what you'll be listening to, should you decide to give Vorna a spin.

They strangely, have their own star, a melodic one, lemme say, but I can say it’s a band that rekindled my faith in this style again.