...aAnd? - aAlbum (Own Label)

Dig the fucking evil groove...
Release Date: 
20 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

Oooh gawd...how to describe ...aAnd?'s aAlbum? 'Pretty fucked up' would be a good start...Despite my initial misgivings, I found myself returning to this release like some love-sick peanut who can't seem to get enough abuse from his lover. Aside from prefixing all of their tunes with ... (which can be pretty fucking annoying, and which I refuse to do) ...aAnd?'s style is all over the shop. Album openers Some Shit! and Innit! (yes, they also like to throw exclamations marks at the end of quite a few of their tunes too) appear reminiscent of a retarded (in a good way) Dillinger Escape Plan with prominent bass, which is always a boon to me. Verging on hardcore, this trio of merry-makers astutely point out that 'It's all metal, innit?' thus endearing themselves to me even further. You can actually hear them giggling like naughty children during Innit! before launching into the spacey intro to This Is Why We Have No Female Shotput Champions! There didn't seem to be much of a tempo change on the first three tracks, which initially peaked my disinterest, but I suspect that's just to bludgeon the listener into a state of paralysis before the weirdly alluring I'm A Mighty Pirate, Prepare To Die, complete with rooster and/or cockerel samples.

Just as you're settling into the mentalist stylings (which are also gloriously heavy and freakish) This Little Piggy twists your mind a tad further with harmonicas and a nice change of vocal styling not dissimilar to something Mike Patton would knock out. My girlfriend stole my money and withheld all sexual favours but I can't get enough of her. This album is like that imaginary situation (or is it imaginary? I'm really quite unsure...). If You See Me Run! (17 seconds and a 'meow') and What Is Wrong With Your Face?! (33 seconds and a sob) give you a grindcore treat before you get I Pity The Fowl! with an almost flamenco intro and Mr T samples - it's nutty as fuck and wholly satisfying...

The last half of the album is equally engaging with sexytimes (Girls!), chainsaws (Proclivity For The Purple Velvet!) and a harmonica cover version of The Last of the Summer Wine (though ...aAnd? do prefix Wine with an 'S') before degenerating into crushing riffs and bags of fun - I love this album; it's got grunt, style and panache (though what it's doing with some 70's perfume, I have no idea...) - get involved in the fruity fun of aAlbum.