Alkira - Juggernaut (Own Label)

Meaty Thrash Goodness...
Release Date: 
21 Oct 2014 - 12:30am

I can't say much about Alkira's Juggernaut except it's fucking good. Don't listen to it while you're trying to eat as you'll inevitably give yourself indigestion from attempting to eat and mosh at the same time; it just doesn't work - but the album does so if you love thrash (and Juggernaut is chock full of the good stuff) then South Australia's Alkira will bust your chops in a suitably mentalist fashion.

Opening with the surprisingly restrained Chains, a kind of twangy 'Americana' intro with its slow build that gets fatter and fatter, Juggernaut soothingly strokes your forehead before Submission Therapy starts punching you in the face repeatedly. That's what I'm talking about. It screams. The drums pump furiously and it's riff upon riff of thrashing goodness. Land of the Sodomite Damned shows that Alkira are old beyond their years with an understanding (and obvious love) of the thrash genre. This is old school thrash done exceedingly well and my heart is truly warmed that the future of thrash metal is in good hands. #479 begins with a jaunty roll around the drum kit but it doesn't get funky, no sir! The bass rings out beneath wave after wave of gritty guitars while The Fleet throws phaser-soaked riffs at you from all directions. Bellowed lyrics about 'the blind leading the blind' and shredding/soloing of the highest quality top this beautiful little beast off to perfection. These Alkira fellows must be seen to be believed; surely they'll go off in a live setting? Apparently they've just returned from touring South East Asia as support for Havoc - all on the back of their quality EP Red Devil (which I also reviewed moons ago and loved in a deep, uncompromising and manly fashion). But Alkira haven't just reworked tunes from Red Devil - they've pushed the boat out and brought a whole bunch of new tunes for your listening pleasure. It's thrash; pure, simple and wholly satisfying.

I must mention title track Juggernaut, because it is, in a word, incredible, as it lunges from section to section, building to frenzies then dropping back. Every fucker on here does a brilliant job and there isn't a bad track on the record. You can even get a bonus track (a cover of Sepultura's Inner Self) with Jason North of Truth Corroded busting out some sweet guest vocals. What an album. I love it.