Avram - Metal Noam (Mountatsic Records)

Intellectualism in a sexy metal embrace...
Release Date: 
10 Feb 2014 - 12:30am

Noam Chomsky, linguist and socio-political intellectual, sampled and mixed up with a bunch of juicy metal riffage? Yes please...

This three track, 13 minute EP is the work of Witch Mountain drummer Nate Carson, Amanda Machina (guitar) and Darryl Moton (bass) and it goes off. If you're not aware of Chomsky's world view then this is an excellent introduction to his remarkably restrained outpourings against the ills of government, capitalism and all manner of topics that really deserve your consideration. The music that accompanies the sampling is also damned fine, weaving a heady mix of posturing pomp, black-ish metal overtones and everything in between - and it bloody well works. I keep coming back to this EP for all the little theremin snippets and synth work that drifts in and out of the compositions; there's always more to hear with each listen.

My only complaint is the relatively short length of the EP but perhaps that's a good thing; maybe too much Noam in one sitting would blow the listener's mind? Anyways the three tracks are solid musical treats enhanced with Chomsky's rhetoric. Open your mind and give it a go.