Blue Snaggletooth - Beyond Thule (Own Label)

Old school, and proud of it...
Release Date: 
12 Nov 2014 - 11:30pm

There’s gratifyingly little in the way of fucking about with Blue Snaggletooth. On Beyond Thule, their second album, they purvey a simple yet deliciously effective brand of stoner metal – very simple, in fact – which more than makes up in guts and commitment what it lacks in finesse or sophistication.

Strangely they save the best here til last – the furious Transmutation (see vid below),  which conjours up visions of desert metal kings Fu Manchu jamming on Communication Breakdown-era Zeppelin with predictably damaging results, but there’s plenty to enjoy on the way to encountering that particular piece of bong-bashin’ nirvana.

For instance, you’ll love the stop-start strut of Sleepy Mountain, a beautifully-toned behemoth of brain bamboozling brawn, featuring some tasty lead play from Casey O’Ryan, whilst the old-school metal of Serpent and the King comes steaming at you direct from the US underground metal scene circa 1982; that’s a compliment, by the way, but also a warning – if you’re in the market for metal of a more modern strip, then move on, there’s nothing for you here.

Or what about the doomy space-plod of Gawkers? A song only four and a half minutes long that seems to span an ice age-sized aeon such Is the sloth and power of it’s hulking riffage, this track actually seems to stop time as it crushes the very air out of your lungs. And if that’s too much, have a listen to the more accessible All You See, where vocalist Chris Taylor rings every last ounce of primetime Ozzy majesty out of his larynx in the name of your listening pleasure, whilst behind him the band (completed by rhythm section Joe Kupiec on bass and drummer Mike Popovich) put together a glitzy, glammy stomp that’ll set as many toes tapping as heads banging. 

Penultimate track Ahamkara sees the band exploring the mystical side of doom before the afore-mentioned Transmutation brings things to a crashing and glorious end. Enjoyable stuff that won’t fail to get your ears energised and your other extremities twitching, Beyond Thule comes highly recommended.