Cancerous Womb -Born Of A Cancerous Womb (Grindscene Records/Rising Nemesis Records)

Amazing death metal debut album from Scotland's Cancerous Womb
Release Date: 
24 Feb 2014 (All day)

Cancerous Womb are a four piece band from Edinburgh in Scotland, that bring together death metal and grind, and add in an eclectic range of influences, to very powerful effect. They are part of a very active and exciting death metal scene around Scotland's major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, with a strong local following.They are deservedly beginning to get wider attention, and their debut album Born Of A Cancerous Womb is the work of a band that has found its unique sound and musical vision. What is clear from the Making Born Of A Cancerous Womb video available on YouTube, is how dedicated this band has been to finding something unique, and getting their sound as good as it can be.

The title track is a good place to start on this album. It is a revelation, with astonishingly dextrous and dynamic work by Paul Cook and Joe Mortimer on drums and bass respectively.  Their playing is so inventive and driven, navigating effortlessly every tempo change. Founder Mike Robertson leads the charge with guitar work that sounds simultaneously very intricate and nuanced and aggressively heavy. Add in Chris Lewis with vocals that are some of the best I have heard in death metal, and you have something pretty special. In the Making Born Of A Cancerous Womb video Chris describes his vocals as heavy, but where you can still hear the words '....otherwise what’s the point writing lyrics". 

Tracks like Grind, Tear and Slice bring a groove into the mix and further expand the sound. A Meshuggah influence that really fits the music. It is dare I say it pretty catchy, but this is what Cancerous Womb does so well, bringing an accessible element to brutal death metal, without in any way watering down the attack and power of the music.

End Them, the final track, brings to bear some progressive nuances. Demonstrating further the creativity and inventiveness this band bring to their work, which for me takes death metal into new exciting territory. A word also on the production, which is simply superb, with a real sharpness to all the instruments, and a great job on the vocals. On a debut album this is really impressive, it's clear the band know exactly the sound they want.

Cancerous Womb is a band that deserves to make it to the next level in metal, and I hope are picked up for some of the European festivals. Having seen them live, there is no doubt that they can command bigger stages. Get hold of this album and spread the word about this talented band!