Crosson - Spreading the Rock n'Roll Disease (Own Label)

Proving you can't stop rock n'roll!
Release Date: 
20 Jan 2014 (All day)

‘Don’t be too hard on them’. That’s what MaF editor Scott Adams said to me when he sent me this EP for my consideration. Me? Hard? Only when I’m watchin’ vintage Lita Ford videos, I can assure you... Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yes, Crosson...I like to think I approach every record I hear with an open mind, but I must admit I did find the video link da ed man sent me mighty CHUCKLESOME  when I first watched it…

Said video was, to be frank, HILARIOUS, but not always in a funny haha kinda way… For a start,   looking at the man Crosson himself brings back unsettling memories of Gary Glitter, and that’s not a good thing to have in the back of your mind when you’re trying to give yer critical faculties a good run out, let me tells ya… but the song (All About the Music, which you can watch below), which just happens to be the second track on this self-funded and released EP ain’t all that bad at all in a hootsome Sisters of Mercy meets Tigertailz kinda way once you actually give it a listen…

And talking of funds, there’s obviously a lot of them about as everything about the Crosson brand reeks of slick, well-heeled PROFESSIONALISM – there’s a lot of the dirty green being expended on this project, from the band's website looking da bizz right down to the last details like getting eighties knob twiddler Duane Baron involved in the control room; And ya know what? It works! 

Much of the credit for this has to go down to vocalist/guitarist Jason Crosson, who gets past the handicap of looking like an ageing sex criminal with his can’t-stop-the-rock persona and good time lyrics and music. Despite my editors’ warnings, I couldn’t help but like the guy and his hilarious schtick. Content at most times to recycle Poison and AC/DC, the man’s highlight surely comes when he channels the very soul of The AngelsDoc Neeson through his mouth on the CRACKPOT (yet very catchy) anthem Taxman, but to be honest the man’s vitality sets a spark to even the more leaden material here, making the whole thing an enjoyable listen – and at the end of the day ain’t that what this kinda music’s all about? Good timez, great songz, all aboard the Crosson bandwagon NOW!!