D-A-D – 30 Years of Hits (AFM Records)

three decades of Denmark's best hard rock
Release Date: 
18 Mar 2014 (All day)

D-A-D (which initially stood for Disneyland After Dark, a name that had to be changed after a threatening lawsuit from The Walt Disney Company), are celebrating their 30th anniversary, and are apparently Denmark’s most successful rock act. 

Which isn’t overwhelmingly great news for Denmark, given that the only reference point for the band that I (or anyone I talked to) could come up with was the glam metal single, Sleeping My Day Away, which was released in 1989 and received a modest amount of radio play.

That they’re not better known (on these antipodean shores, at least) is probably testament to the fact that the band has ‘focused its career on the European market’ (which sounds suspiciously like code for ‘couldn’t catch a break in the States’).  

This potted history aside, D-A-D play pretty straightforward glammish-leaning hard rock, with the odd touch of of rockabilly, alternative rock and a smattering of what is apparently known as ‘cowpunk’. There’s bright, twangy guitar, tight percussion, solid bass and the occasional piano arrangement; a solid band playing song arrangements that are recognizable enough that you’ll be able to guess what’s coming next without much trouble. It’s the familiar charm and swagger of the band — who are unapologetic about wanting to bring fun and positive energy into their rock ‘n’ roll — that is their strongest point.  

Even with 30 years of hits packed into this double album, it’s this sense of comfortable familiarity that is the overriding impression of D-A-D. Apart from that catchy Sleeping My Day Away, there are some strong songs, but naming them wouldn’t mean much to anyone but already confirmed D-A-D fans. Suffice it to say, this is perfect for those who lean towards classic hard rock.