Destitution - Beware the Fury of the Patient Man (Own Label)

Pleasant enough.
Release Date: 
11 May 2014 - 11:30pm

Dutch thrashers Destitution formed eight years ago with the sole intention of creating an old school thrash metal sound and vibe; On those terms you’d have to say their debut album is an unqualified success.

However scratch a little below the surface and the picture isn’t quite so rosy. When the band gets things right, as they do on the bouncy Screenplay, they get it spectacularly right, conjuring up happy thoughts of adolescent hours spent listening to the likes of Sacred Reich and Flotsam and Jetsam in suburban bedrooms. The track Criticize sounds like it may well have come from the pens of Alex Skolnick and Chuck Billy, and it’s consequently a solid gold stormer. But too often the band finds itself treading water in a sort of generic thrash mire. It’s perfectly listenable, of course – all four blokes involved here are good enough to ensure that – but it’s also perfectly faceless.

Good thrash always carries a fair bit of melody to go with its muscle, and there’s not enough for the ears to latch onto here to make this a consistently satisfying listen.

Vocalist/guitarist Emiel van der Ploeg doesn’t sound truly angry often enough, though he is no slouch with the axe (and neither is six string partner Geert van der Laan), and the production just holds back a little for much of the time, denying the band the opportunity to truly crush the listener with the power of its riffage.

Still, the title track which closes the album is pretty good, and leaves the listener on a good note, so that’s something  of a credit in the ledger. This certainly ain’t a bad release, and I’ll definitely be seeing this band live should they find themselves playing in my vicinity. It’s just a little too safe to be truly worthy of recommendation at this point. One for the ‘maybe next time’ file.