Deus Otiosus - Rise (Deepsend Records)

Rather good...
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

Danish death metallers Deus Otiosus are delivering some sweet stuff with their third album Rise, and my advice is to play this album at full bore and you'll get the best out of it. Opening with Rising War, the arrangements are a delight - it's not ultra fast or ultra heavy (maybe because I've been listening to a lot of extremely fucked up music lately) but nonetheless it's catchy metal fun. Iron Rule is next, and it seems faster than the previous track with some tight drumming against the guitars of Peter and Henrik Engkjaer. Vocalist Anders Bo Rasmussen delivers a good solid roaring style (which he maintains throughout the album) and as previously mentioned, the drums of Jesper Olsen are a real highlight on here. Iron Rule slips seamlessly into Don't Fuck With the Dead, which is followed by Breeding Maggots. It's honest-to-goodness, uncomplicated death (bordering on the thrash, me feels) - a hearty collection of riffage to warm the heart like a nice hot stew on a winter's day.

Mid-way through the album Vultures seems to lose its way, being weirdly disjointed and appearing a tad bitty - as if the band have stitched a few odds and sods together to get a complete track. Walk the Shadows gets back on track before going all disjointed again - though there are sections of this composition that are inspired.

Jesper Holst's bass leads us in to Stand Up and Fight (again, some excellent percussion on here) before Will and Fear and Fall of the West round off the album in fine style. Perhaps a tad restrained but overall, a pretty good album that must be (as all metal should be) blasted out in order to gain maximum enjoyment.