Dustbolt - Awake the Riot (Napalm Records)

Germany takes on the Bay Area with pleasing results...
Release Date: 
29 May 2014 - 11:30pm

Last week our very own voice from the South London Home for the All-Thrashed-Out, Mick Strong, savaged an album by young Finnish thrashers Lost Society on the grounds that he’d heard it all before, good though ‘it’ was. Well, I’m not letting him loose on this, the new album from German hopefuls Dustbolt because, you guessed it, this is very familiar sounding indeed…

But my griping stops there. For, whilst Dustbolt do indeed deal in more retreads than your local discount tyre warehouse, they do it with such undeniable verve and passion that complaining about it really seems rather pointless when you could be forming a one-man circle pit whenever the damn thing comes on – thrash is all about letting ones' self go, is it not?

But where Lost Society flit all over the shop like some sort of demented thrash butterfly with ADHD, Sensibly Dustbolt don’t try and cover every inch of thrash history on …Riot, zeroing in instead on a crunchy amalgam of the bay area’s finest neck-snapping riffage and some catchy, Anthraxesque stomp. Tracks like Eternal Waste and Soul Razor are pure, undiluted thrash brilliance, with the former in particular showing a classy grasp of what made thrash metal so compelling in the first place all those years ago. Elsewhere the amusingly-titled Agent Thrash also gets the blood boiling, whilst the obligatory eastern flavours of Drowned in Blind Faith ride in on an unfeasibly catchy riff that screams ‘LIVE CLASSIC’ at you on the very first listen.

It’s a cliché, but this isn’t rocket science, and the premise behind Dustbolt is simple. At their best with heads down and fingers flying , the band ask nothing of the listener other than a commitment to good times and heavy, heavy tunes, and there’s nowt wrong wi’that in my book. Exhilaratingly, exhaustingly enthusiastic, this is a band I’ll be returning to a lot in the coming months. Lovely stuff.