Fire Red Empress - Paint Me the Devil (Own Label)

Muchly impressive... and worth a listen!
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2014 (All day)

Brummie hard rock hopefuls Fire Red Empress have unleashed an impressively MUSCULAR three track EP, and I have to say I’m lovin’ in!

Modern ROCK is the name of the game here – this ain’t the retro throwback stuff the ed man usually throws the lucky striker’s way, but FRE deal in the sort of catchy-yet-heavy riffs that everyone, young an’ old can enjoy on Paint Me the Devil, so I’m telling y’all to gather those spondooliks an get buyin’ now!

Vocalist Nik Taylor-Stoakes has the sort of raw-throated howl the ladies love, and when it’s thrown up against the twin guitar ATTACK laid down by guitarists Carl and Paul Gethin, as it is on the record’s third and best track, Behind the Veil, then some sort of sonic magic is conjoured outta nowhere – if this sort of stuff was played on the radio in the UK – which it should be – then I’d be tuned in everyday instead of moochin’ round the house listenin’ to old Tesla demos… it’s real classic rock for the twenty first century I tells ya!

Only three tracks, maybe, but there’s PLENTY to like about Fire Red Empress –get to know them as soon as y’all can!