Frozen Ocean - The Dyson Swarm (Kristallblut Records)

Powerful dark ambient...
Release Date: 
3 Mar 2014 - 12:30am

Space is deep and so is Frozen Ocean's The Dyson Swarm. This is a one man project by a fellow called Vaarwel and I've been totally immersed in this ambient electronica which, at the risk of sounding like a coffee commercial, is dark, rich and utterly compelling. Opening with Syzygy I'm immediately picturing deep space and science fiction. Huge soundscapes come pumping out of the stereo at me. Strap yourself in for some swirling mellow yet heavy feels. CE-4 is all robotic madness with shrieking vocals that are somehow delicately subdued among the howling synths. It's hypnotic. It's massive. The louder I play this album, the more I feel like I'm floating out of my bath-chair - Nurse! I need to be strapped down again!

I think most of the song titles (such as SHGb02+14a or UDFj-39546284) may well be constellation names but I'm definitely sure that this is one beautifully contradictory album; the heaviness of the tracks just creeps in gradually and before you know it, there's a a throaty black metal rasping vocal line dodging in between spears of mellow (and again, yet heavy) keyboard work. The haunting, repetitive guitars on SHGb02+14a are wondrously hypnotic and I like this album very, very much. If I could get past the locks on the medicine cabinet, I'd like it even more, if you catch my drift.

Apparently Vaarwel/Frozen Ocean has bags and bags of stuff in his back catalogue. I'll be wasting no time in getting acquainted with it.