Game Over - Burst Into the Quiet (Scarlet Records)

Release Date: 
23 Jun 2014 (All day)

So, whilst Metal as Fuck’s editor gets the new Overkill album to listen to, my division of the thrash spoils is this – unknown thrash from Italy. Such is life for common cannon fodder like old Mick I guess… still one thing my old mum taught me was always to make the best of what you’ve got, so here goes… time to burst into the quiet, as it were.

As it goes, Game Over ain’t bad at all. Spirited, crunchy thrash metal is what they deal in, and for the most part they deal good. The production, handled by Simone Mularoni, would be the envy of many far more established acts, giving the band a glossy, ‘big league’ sound belying their actual status hovering in mid table in Serie B…

That said, there’s obviously room for a bit of onwards and upwards here – C.H.U.C.K. is a nice piece of gang-vocalled fluff whilst the darker Trapped Inside Your Mind motors along on the back of four or five top notch riffs and a bile-filled delivery from vocalist Renato "Reno" Chiccoli. 

But, like so many of these thrash revival acts, there’s little or no originality and a whole lot of by-numbers cookie cutter to contend with, leaving the listener feeling a bit frustrated after the album finishes. These boys can play, of that there is no doubt. Lead guitarist Senso in particular sounds the business – but it would be oh so great to hear him playing something fresh instead of a set of superannuated bay area knock offs. Thrash doesn’t always have to be a nostalgia fest lads!

Where to from here? I’d like to see this band build on the solid thrash foundation they have but perhaps branch out a bit into areas that challenge both band and listener alike. There might be a bit of mileage in retro thrash left, but the gravy train’s all but dried up, and the best will adapt to survive – will Game Over be able to cheat the ignoble living death of stagnation? I’d like to think they will.