House of Lords - Precious Metal (Frontiers Reords)

A bit of a stinker...
Release Date: 
21 Feb 2014 (All day)

House of Lords' last album, 2011’s Big Money, was a STORMING piece o'plastic, full of gargantuwatt riffage, big big choruses and the voice of hard rock, James Christian, doing what he does best on a set of classic hard rockin’ toonz; It was their best album in years and I was very very excited indeed when I heard the man had come up with another set of House of Lords music for us all to enjoy.

Christian’s old lady – the delightful, no make that the DELECTABLE Robin Beck – also released a screamin’ elpee last year, which James produced, so all that class buildin’ up in one household has to end sometime, right? They surely couldn’t come up with a third classic album on the trot, that’d be tooooo much to hope for, am I wrong?

No, I’m not. Precious Metal, just ain’t what it says on the tin, I’m afraid. The album is a MASSIVE disappointment after Big Money, and it’s about as precious as a whole prospector’s pan fulla fool’s gold; Sure, Christian is in fine, fine voice – when is that not the case? – but the material he’s given himself to sing here sounds laboured, uninspired and dull when it should be joyous, flag-waving and anthemic. To put it mildly, it’s a bit of a stinker.

Despite a perky, METALLIC opening in Battle, the rest of the album limps along, never catching light before culminating in some weird attempt at modern pop in the form of Enemy Mine, a song which might just have worked within the environs of the more varied Robin Beck album but which should never have had the name House of Lords put next to it. Sheesh, just thinkin’ about this catastrophic lapse of judgement is makin’ the ol’ corpuscles come to the boil… and not in a good way!

The bottom line is this. James Christian is a TITANIC hard rock talent, bit he’s doing himself no favours by being associated with limp, washed out material like that which comprises Precious Metal. I’ll keep the faith and hope the next HoL album is a classic, but I won’t be listening to this record again.