Human Cull – Stillborn Nation (WOOAAARGH)

Blistering blastbeats, crusty guitar tones with buckets of gain, crunching bass, and yowled lyrics about suffering, hate, death, terrorism and lobotomies. ALL BOXES TICKED!
Release Date: 
31 Mar 2014 (All day)

23 songs in 26 minutes. Blistering blastbeats, crusty guitar tones with buckets of gain, crunching bass and yowled lyrics on such topics as suffering, hate, death, terrorism and lobotomies. Yep, Human Cull’s album Stillborn Nation takes me to my happy place. I could listen to this kind of stuff all day and it would take all night to wipe the grin from my face.

With a thick, punchy production that is reminiscent of recent releases by Blockheads and Afrgrund, songs that combine the controlled bursting power of Nasum and Insect Warfare, the d-beat of Discharge and the crust of Amebix, a nod to the slower moments of Wormrot, and misanthropic lyrical content that is sincere without being po-faced, delivered in a gutteral rasping yell, Human Cull are ticking all the right boxes.

More than anything, this album made me reflect upon just how high the standard of grind releases has been of late. The outstanding quality of albums by such bands as Miserable Failure, Loath, Dephosphorus, Yautja, Cripple Bastards, Gridlink and Drugs of Faith, has been testament to the strength of underground extreme music and proof of the talent of those who dedicate their energies to it. These aren’t ‘big’ grindcore bands of the calibre of Napalm Death, Misery Index or Pig Destroyer, who command critical acclaim and can pull decent crowds from fans who aren’t dedicated grindfreaks. These albums are being put out by the bands that travel for obscene amounts of time to play unpaid gigs, often to half-empty rooms in dodgy dives, bands who shell out their own hard-earned cash to record and distribute their work, all out of sense of commitment and love of their kind of music.

If albums such as Stillborn Nation are a result of this dedication, then the grind scene is in rude health, and it’s all been worth it.